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“It’s all about the bag”

All A&B bags and accessories are constructed by hand, with only the finest non-animal materials.

Using EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), durable thread, and quality fabric, our EPUL doesn’t contain chemicals that interfere with endocrine and hormone systems, nor does it contribute to PH change in soil or water.

We use gold plated hardware to acquire the most elegant look and last but not least, we use high quality zipper closures and magnetic snap-button closures to keep safe your treasured possessions.

It’s in our power to make sure the people making our products are paid fairly, are working in safe conditions and have their human rights upheld.
And it’s also in our power to reduce the stress we put on our planet.
That means managing resources such as water responsibly, and making sure nothing harmful gets released into the environment.

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