About Us

Our Story


The Morris Fyfe Agency was formed in January 2017; born not just out of Daniel and Emily’s friendship but also the relationships we have built internationally during our respective careers.


Our focus is and always has been on designer fashion and accessories and we are delighted, after only five years, to be able to represent a commercial combination of UK and globally renowned brands as well as up and coming designer brands


At the end of the day we also know we are simply a sales agency and the success of any brand is based on ensuring the end consumer engages with and adopts our selected brands. Our function is to ensure we identify the best brands and partners for our market, who engage and invest in the appropriate forms of marketing to ensure best possible sell throughs for our targeted retail customers and therefore happy brands and retailers all round.

We are now a team of four looking to give the best possible service to both our brand partners and customers.

You can find our more about us and our backgrounds below. 


Our motto is the same as the day we started the agency:


“If it won’t sell out, we won’t sell in………………”



I’m Daniel

Daniel has been Managing Director of a number of successful British apparel, footwear and accessory brands


I’m Emily

 Emily has been the Head of Global Sales behind a large number of apparel, footwear and accessory brands from the USA, Europe, Australia and the UK


I’m Emma

 Emma has been Head of Sales for a number of luxury brands specifically in the intimate apparel industry.


I’m Gemma

Gemma has been the Head of Sales for a number of luxury lifestyle brands from the UK and USA. 
With a multi-category background including Accessories & Leather Goods, Mens, Womens and Children’s Apparel and Lingerie.